Hybrid Integrated Circuit

Yaguang Electronics is a major designated supplier in the industry of China,with high the research and development level and the production technology level,paying equal attention to both scientific research and engineering.Yaguang Electronics follows the route of miniaturization,integration,localization,customization &implementation of multiple complex functions.The working frequency of multi-function components can successfully match with multiple types of equipment. Product Category:Small standardized package devices,single function modules,multi-function modules,integrated systems.

Monolithic Integrated Circuit

Processes and features of Yaguang Electronics:
1. GaAs process: Mature technology and affordable costs
2. GaN process: Wide forbidden band, high voltage resistance, high power resistance
3.Si/SiGe process: High integration level
Product Category:single function chips, multi-function chips

Discrete Devices

Yaguang Electronics is the one professional manufacturer of diodes in China,with average annual sales of more than 200,000 units.We have a large number of highly reliable products certificated by "Seven Specializations", We are the main supplier of high-reliable crystal triodes in the country.The products include NPN silicon high-speed switch triodes,NPN silicon high-frequency amplification triodes,silicon high-frequency low-noise triodes etc.

MEMS Circuits

Yaguang Electronics follows the route of miniaturization + integration + localization based on semiconductor Silicon process.
Product Category: MEMS Filters, MEMS Isolators, MEMS Delay Lines, MEMS Switches …
Main technologies: TSV technology, dual-surfacelithography technology, WLP technology…

Dielectric substrates and Packages

Independent technology of Yaguang Electronics, supports the technical application of products, and tends to the advanced level in China.
Product Category: Thin film substrates, dielectric substrates, metal ceramic packages, photoelectric device packages, Si/Al metal packages…
Main technologies: magnetron sputtering, laser processing, ceramic chip processing, glass bead sintering, selective gold plating…