Service commitments

Visit the yacht three times in one quarter, six months and one year after the handover and visit the yacht six months after the warranty period in order to track the use of the yacht and provide timely support services;

Provide training on the operation, maintenance and service of yachts in the process of handover and maintenance in order to avoid improper operation and maintenance;

Respond to customer complaints within 2 hours and negotiate with users on maintenance matters. In principle, it is required to arrive at the site for maintenance 48 hours within the province and 72 hours outside the province , and the time shall be agreed with users under special circumstances.

Service team

Yaguang technology group co., ltd. has a professional service team in China with strong technical force and rich experience. They are enthusiastic and  willing to provide users with timely technical support, training and on-site maintenance services for sunbird yacht escort so as to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and use.

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