Official Boat Owner's Manual

  •  In order to enable you to better use and maintain your watercraft, we have compiled and published this Ship-owner’s Manual according to the matters worthy of our attention and what we need to learn during operation and maintenance of the ships.

  • This Ship-owner's Manual is a general reference for your use and maintenance of your watercraft. It is not for any fixed type of watercraft and the specific configuration of your watercraft varies with your individual requirements.  Please note if there is any difference from your watercraft configuration.  This Manual shall be used together with the instructions supplied with each machine and equipment.

  • We recommend that you regularly carry out comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the hulls, equipment and facilities of the whole vessel in order to facilitate the normal use and improve the service life. If you encounter any questions or have any trouble that cannot be eliminated in the process of use and maintenance,  welcome to call us, and we will provide our full support and help!

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